Engineering and Technical Services

Papilla’s expansive range of engineering and technical services include the following:

Constructability Reviews

  Papilla aims to minimize potential problems during project construction. If not properly addressed, these issues could result in change orders, claims and time extensions.

Technical Site Surveys

  This survey will address the efficiency, machine behavior and operating performance and provide clients with the appropriate expertise and analysis to guide maintenance decisions.

Condition Assessment

  This survey offers precise diagnosis of equipment to assist equipment owners on maintenance and investment decisions.

Operation and Maintenance Services

  Papilla has the capability to design maintenance programmes (e.g. preventive, corrective, shift recovery) for all types of port equipment. These programmes can identify areas for improvement and reduce operating expenses.

Emergency Repair

  In emergencies, Papilla can provide assistance in getting the equipment back online in the shortest possible time.

Modernisation and Cost of Ownership

  During the lifecycle of an equipment, technology advances can result in cost reduction, increased reliability and lower maintenance. Hence, reducing the cost of ownership of our clients is important for them to maximize usage of capital and create new investment opportunities.

Mechanical Work

Bull Gear Installation
Chain Assembly
Rail - Mid Post
Rail - Upper Pedestal

Sheave and Bearing -
Top Bail
Slewing Motor -
Top Bail